viafalcon radar detectors

Modern radar sensor technology made in Germany

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viafalcon LC/LC-L viafalcon LC/LC-L
viafalcon BASIC viafalcon BASIC
viafalcon SOLAR viafalcon SOLAR
viafalcon TRACK viafalcon TRACK
viafalcon PLUS 2/3 viafalcon PLUS 2/3
viafalcon NET 2/3 viafalcon NET 2/3

Fields of application

Recording of vehicle movements and speed measurement

Radar sensor technology for traffic management

Radar devices are used in the following fields:

  • Traffic data capture (vehicle census, vehicle classification, individual speed, time spacing / allocation) 
  • Congestion reporting / congestion identification
  • Tunnel monitoring
  • Determining traffic density / travel time 
  • Displaying speed on a digital display
  • Intelligent warning signs


viafalcon is the name of radar detectors from via traffic controlling (compound of via and falcon). The core element of the detector consists of microprocessor-controlled radar technology that can also be coupled with viasis speed displays in order to visualise driving speeds. 

  • Contactless measurement
  • Extensive range
  • Weather-independent detection
  • Low power consumption

What is the range of viafalcon radar sensors?

The range of our viafalcon radar sensors is 100 – 250 m and depends on the chosen model. We would be happy to advise you on the various models and their different fields of application. Just contact us by phone on +492171/504930 or by email:

Which viafalcon is the right radar sensor for my application?

Let us find the right detector for your application together. Due to the large number of different sensors and their various characteristics, we are available to you by phone on +492171/504930 or by email: to select the right sensor for your application.

Which radar sensor is particularly energy efficient?

Our viafalcon SOLAR is the detector with the lowest power consumption, so it is particularly suitable for use in mobile systems that are e.g. battery or solar powered.

Which radar sensor also offers data output?

The following detectors aore offering a data output: viafalcon SOLAR, TRACK, PLUSII / III, NET. The data is put out in ASCII format and the interface can be used to communicate with any common terminal program. If you have technical questions about communication with our viafalcon detectors, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +492171/504930 or by email:

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