viacount II – Capturing traffic data

Traffic counting devices for traffic planning – made in Germany

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Fields of application

Capturing traffic data

Traffic data are of particular interest to our customers in local government who wish to determine and analyse statistics for the volume of traffic, i.e. the number of vehicles, their speed and vehicle type. Such statistics are vital for performing successful traffic, regional and urban planning

Precise traffic counting

The viacount traffic counter records the following individual types of data for traffic counting:

  • Speed 
  • Number of vehicles
  • Class of vehicle
  • Direction
  • Spacing in seconds

One aspect of traffic planning also involves the design of the future road network. What sort of cross-section of the road is required to give small and large vehicles in the corresponding vehicle classes sufficient space in the road lane? How should traffic flows be controlled? How can the flow of traffic be optimised? These and other questions play an important role for the quality of traffic and depend very much on measurements made by traffic counting devices.

Successful traffic planning thanks to valid traffic data

The data captured by the traffic counting device help, for example, in reaching decisions on road construction, the use of traffic lights, zebra crossings and traffic-calming measures. A high volume of traffic can necessitate further construction measures and result in traffic having to be diverted. The large number of lorries, truck trailers and delivery vans and the associated road wear, noise and pollutant emissions represent a significant burden for local residents. A further problem are lorry drivers who make detours to avoid motorway toll charges. These drivers who bypass toll roads place additional strains on local traffic routes.

Road planners are often forced to install traffic signs on stretches of road where speeding is common in order to indicate speed limits or to take other measures in order to reduce speeds.

Reliable data preparation and traffic statistics

via traffic controlling offers optimum solutions for capturing traffic data reliably and preparing them for road traffic analysis. The traffic data capture system is based on radar detector technology developed by via traffic. This is protected in a lightweight, compact housing. viacount is one of the most frequently used traffic counting devices within and outside built-up areas and is primarily used as an ideal tool for local authorities and traffic planners. viagraph, the traffic data analysis software that comes with it, is a proven tool that provides comprehensive data analysis and editing functions in the form of easy-to-understand graphs and tables (Excel format). The software determines traffic planning factors such as average daily traffic volume (DTV), average and maximum speeds, v85, the share of heavy goods traffic and other figures.

viacount is the name of a compact, mobile traffic counting device, that automatically measures traffic data such as speed, number of vehicles, class of vehicle, direction and spacing between vehicles (traffic census). The core element consists of a rechargeable battery with a radar detector and data storage. As an option, the traffic data that are gathered can be sent to the user by e-mail and processed in graphic form (tables, graphs etc.). The traffic counter can be mounted at various heights at the side of the road. Traffic and urban planners use the data supplied by viacount as the basis for taking decisions on measures concerning traffic quality.

  • Traffic counting: capture of individual data such as speed, number of vehicles, vehicle class, direction and spacing between vehicles that is accurate to the second 
  • 10 classes of speed, 6 classes of vehicle 
  • Measurement range1 – 255 km/h 
  • Adjustable for oncoming or departing traffic, or traffic moving in both directions 
  • viagraph communication and analysis software for up to 20 different graphs 
  • Measurement in both directions of movement possible 
  • Long battery charge (over 2 weeks with one rechargeable battery) 
  • Compact, lightweight and robust housing 
  • Portable 
  • Bluetooth communication (optional) 
  • Automatic e-mail data transmission (optional)
  • Mobile deployment
  • Accurate traffic counter
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to mount
  • Automatic traffic monitoring
  • Technical components are protected within a robust housing
  • Radar technology with accurate data capture
  • Large data memory (extendable)
  • Data transmission possible








How does the viacount II data acquisition system work?

The radar sensor measures vehicle movements of a lane or direction of travel. For each vehicle, the viacount II measures the speed, a value proportional to the vehicle length and the temporal distance between the vehicles (net time gap). This data set is supplemented with the date and time of the real-time clock and stored in the flash RAM.

How much traffic data can be collected until the memory is full?

360404 vehicles are stored with a full 4 megabyte Dataflash memory, this can be expanded to 8MB.

What are the mounting options?

You can mount the viacount II sideways at a height of 0.5m to 1m from the bottom edge of the housing or sideways overhead at a height of 2m to 3m. For the measuring position sideways, overhead, the radar sensor is tilted. In the 20° tilt position, the sensor rests on a foam cushion on the inner wall of the housing. Depending on the angle set, adjustments must still be made via viagraph.

Can bicycles and motorbikes also be detected?

Two-wheelers can also be recorded, but unfortunately our viacount II is not the right instrument for a pure cycle count (especially larger groups of bicycles).

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