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LED dialogue display on school routes

Children perceive areas with traffic completely differently to adults. They are unable to judge the speed of fast oncoming vehicles correctly. Play streets, school crossings and calmed areas with a 30 km/h speed limit are all potential danger zones for children, as drivers often exceed the prescribed maximum speed in built-up areas inadvertently.

viatext has a dialogue display with coloured LEDs to indicate to drivers that they are driving too fast. They are triggered by via traffic controlling’s innovative radar technology. The viatext LED displays can show various freely programmable text messages: “THANK YOU”, “TOO FAST”, “SCHOOL” or “SLOW DOWN”. They give drivers feedback on their driving behaviour. The driver feedback is a prominent version of road safety education. Warning panels with text messages quickly grab the attention of road users and initiate a dialogue with them. LED text messages can be displayed in the familiar traffic-light colours of yellow-red or green-red in order to underline the carrot-and-stick principle in colour. 

viatext is a product aimed at calming traffic. It involves a radar-triggered LED dialogue display that gives speed-related feedback to drivers by means of a bright text message. Text overlays like “SLOW DOWN”, “TOO FAST” or “SCHOOL” inform drivers about their driving behaviour. viatext comes with a text editor that allows customised text input. The core element of viatext is a radar sensor unit that triggers the LED text display.

  • Lightweight and robust aluminium housing  
  • LED dot mask for outstanding visibility even in bright sunshine 
  • Data memory 
  • LED colour change green/red (yellow/red) 
  • Text can be freely programmed with editor
  • 4 speed-dependent text messages can be configured e.g.:
    • 8 – 25 km/h: THANK YOU 
    • 25 – 30 km/h: SCHOOL
    • 30 – 40 km/h: TOO FAST 
    • 40 – 50 km/h: SLOW DOWN
  • LED dialogue display with customised text 
  • Outstanding visibility at great distance
  • Various language versions possible
  • Multi-colour text display
  • Low-priced carrot-and-stick effect

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