viagraph – evaluation software

Software for analysing traffic data

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Fields of application

The viagraph software can be used to process captured traffic data in graphic form. Using viagraph to analyse data simplifies the processing and display of data measurements. The software can be used both to configure settings as well as to access stored data via various interfaces on the devices.

viagraph can process data in the following ways:

  • Analyse measurement data from viasis speed displays
  • Process data from viacount traffic counters
  • Process data from viafalcon radar detectors

Customised software for traffic analysis

Our development team is continuously working to further develop viagraph software, which analyses and evaluates a wide range of road traffic data. User-defined settings allow the software to be customised, simplifying day-to-day work with our products. Should you be interested in this custom-made solution, via traffic controlling has just the tool to help you analyse road traffic data. Do you know ourapp for reading out and programming viasis devices?

Analysis data presented graphically in an easily comprehensible form

Local authorities, traffic planners and traffic statisticians not only need fast access to traffic data, they also need to have the data presented graphically in an easily comprehensible form. Excel-based graphs allow data to be reused in traffic reports, and additional road planning measures to be taken.

Whether as pie chart or bar diagram, as table or graph – there are many forms of presentation that are suited to visualising traffic data clearly and intelligibly.

viagraph is the name of the software developed by via traffic controlling to communicate with viacount, viafalcon and viasis devices and to analyse the data they measure. viagraph is a Windows®-based communication and analysis application that is made available to our customers free of charge for an unlimited number of workplaces. Besides a user-friendly method for programming our systems, viagraph also offers comprehensive analysis options, while being extremely easy to install. You will also benefit from regular, free software update downloads.

  • Windows®-based communication and analysis software
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excel-based analysis
  • Presentation of data as pie chart, bar diagram, table or graph 
  • 20 different diagram options (presentation of data as pie chart, bar diagram, table or graph)
  • Communication with radar devices from via traffic controlling
  • Control of devices from via traffic controlling
  • Retrievable measurements: vehicle speed, class of vehicle, heavy goods traffic, direction, spacing in seconds, time intervals
  • viagraph communication and analysis software is designed for use with traffic counting devices and can also analyse data from other devices equipped with a radar detector-based data capture system
  • User-friendly, intuitive operation
  • Optimum communication between PC and radar device
  • Fast transmission of traffic data
  • Easy-to-understand presentation in the form of diagrams


How much does viagraph software cost?

The viagraph software is free of charge for our customers. We neither charge license fees nor do our customers have to pay for our regular updates.

Can I install the viagraph software myself?

Yes, viagraph is very easy to install and the installation can be made by the customer himself.

Can I use the software for any Windows version?

Yes, viagraph runs on all common Windows versions. If you have any questions about compatibility, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +492171/504930 or by email:

Do I need the viagraph evaluation software or can I use another one?

You need our viagraph and Microsoft Excel to evaluate the collected measurement data.

How many users are possible?

The number of viagraph users in a municipality or in a company is not limited.

Only the transfer to external users needs to be clarified with us.

Do you have any questions? Send us a message

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