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Where do I download viagraph and the via app?

On our USB stick and in the viaServiceCenter you will find the software viagraph 5, for the transmission and evaluation of the measurement data, as well as the viaAPP for Android devices. You will receive the USB stick together with our systems. On request, we will also provide you with the software and the app for download.

How can I order viatraffic accessories (e.g. batteries, mountings, cables etc.) as quickly as possible?

You can easily request accessories at any time: Please write us an email or use the contact form to order accessories. We will refer you to the authorized dealer in your area. Our local partners will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding accessories and optional equipment.

Is there the possibility of a training for viatraffic products in my city/municipality/company?

Our local distributors would be happy to give you a personal or a remote training. Please let us know if you need a training, instruction, or demonstration. We will refer you to the authorized dealer in your area.

Is there a remote maintenance software from viatraffic with which you can check our system remotely?

Yes, you will find our remote maintenance program on the USB stick that is delivered with our systems. This program allows our support staff to connect to your PC and check the system together with you.

Does viatraffic give free demonstrations for prospective buyers?

Please let us know if you need a product demonstration on site. Our authorized dealers in your area will get in contact with you check if it`s possible to provide a presentation.

Can I rent speed displays or traffic counters from you?

We are sorry. Unfortunately, our offer does not include renting or leasing our products.

How does the speed measurement work and is the radiation harmful?

Speed measurement is performed using a radar based on the Doppler principle (frequency shift). The transmission power of this radar is significantly lower than the transmission power of a modern smartphone and is therefore considered harmless. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information. Please call us or simply use our contact form.

How long does the battery of a speed display last and what is its service life?

A rechargeable battery supplies a viasis speed display with power for approx. 7-10 days. The runtime depends on the traffic volume at the place of use, i.e. the more often the LED display is activated, the faster the battery is depleted. Within a few hours, the battery can be fully recharged. For an even more convenient exchange, we recommend a second battery so that you can use and charge both batteries alternately.

You can usually use a rechargeable battery for 3-4 years.

Devices with solar power supply or 230V connection charge the built-in buffer battery with the help of solar energy (solar) or at night when streetlights are switched on (230V connection to the lantern).

Who is allowed to set up and use viasis displays?

Please contact the responsible authorities (e. g. public order office, police authority, etc.) of your district to check if speed displays are permitted to be used in public road traffic.

On private roads or company premises, the operator usually does not need a permit for the use of our displays.

What is the range of viasis speed displays?

The range of the displays is about 30-150 meters for automobiles. The range depends on the vehicle size and shape, i.e. whether it is a two-wheeler, car or truck. The local conditions at the location such as upward or downward gradient of the road, curves, and disturbing objects such as trees also impact the range.

Do speed displays actually have a traffic-calming effect?

It has been proven that speed displays have a traffic-calming effect. Especially if you give the driver additional feedback supplementary to the speed driven according to the praise-blame principle, such as multi-colored smileys or text messages like "THANK YOU" or "TOO FAST". We would be happy to inform you about studies, expert opinions, and test measurements on the effectiveness; please call us or simply use our contact form.

Where is the radar antenna?

The radar antenna is located behind the LED display area.

How accurate is the measurement of a speed chart?

The measuring accuracy is: ± 2% and ± 1 digit above the entire measuring range. This is higher than required for repressive speed measuring systems according to the calibration regulations ( ± 3% for v > 100 km/h and ± 3 km/h for v < 100 km/h).

Can the viasis displays measure in both directions?

Yes, before starting a measurement with a viasis MINI, COMPACT 3000, PLUS or PLUS SMILE, the user can specify via software or viaAPP whether the radar should measure in one direction only or bidirectionally, i.e. in both directions. The collected measurement data can later be processed separately in the process of data evaluation.

How is the speed display mounted and aligned?

With the help of our one-man mounting kit, our viasis devices can be attached to poles with diameters of 40-160 mm and secured against theft with a lock.  The display is then simply aligned in the direction of incoming vehicles, parallel to the roadway. The viasis should be mounted perpendicular to the roadway, at a height of 2 m to 4 m from the lower edge of the housing in a stable setup.

What alternative power supply options are available (solar, 230V)?

As an alternative to the mobile battery power supply, our viasis displays can also be equipped with a 230V connection or a solar power supply.

Please call us if you have any questions or use our contact form.     

What is the Bluetooth range of the speed displays?

The Bluetooth range is up to 100 meters in free field.

Does the USB stick have to be permanently connected to the viasis display?

No. The USB stick is only plugged into the interface for data transfer, to read out the stored measurement data or to program the display. The interface is located in the lockable and waterproof battery case on the back of the viasis display. After a few seconds, the stored data is transferred to your USB stick and the internal memory of the display is empty again.

What options do I have for evaluating the traffic data?

You have the option of recording and evaluating data such as maximum speed, average speed and the V85 speed ratio using the viagraph program. All diagrams and tables are exported in Excel format.

We will be happy to send you an example data evaluation in Excel format.

Which operating systems are supported?

Currently, all common Windows operating systems are supported (WIN 7, 8 and 10).

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