Detecting and measuring speed of vehicle movements

viafalcon PLUS 2/3

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Radar detector controlled by a microprocessor for movement and speed-dependant switching applications and issue of values for speed, profile value for vehicle classification and net time gap. Detects vehicles approaching or leave (movement direction adjustable).

Viafalcon PLUS 2 (11 ° x 11 ° antenna) for overhead installation with a track selective circular detection area on the street. The viafalcon PLUS 3 (11 ° x 18 ° antenna) for overhead or side mounting with an elliptical detection area. The viafalcon PLUS 2/3 is RS 232 (standard), RS 232 + relay, RS 232 + 3 optocouplers, serial current interface or RS422 supplied optionally with different interfaces. In tracking mode, the velocity values are issued and the signal outputs (relay or 3 optocouplers) are controlled depending on the switching threshold. In Counting Mode (Counting mode with a typical measurement angle of 45 °) each have a value for the speed, the profile value for vehicle classification and net time gap is calculated at the previous vehicle when driving through the radar beam per vehicle. In addition, the signal outputs (relay or optocoupler) are controlled. The 3 optocoupler indicate respectively: object detected, exceeded speed threshold exceeded profile value threshold. The detection sensitivity is adjustable in several steps.

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