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Speed display

Traffic calming by viasis LED displays

The speed displays of via traffic controlling can do more than measuring the vehicle speed in road traffic. They display the driven speed in real-time and warn about the maximum velocity when the drivers exceed the permitted speed. This visual feedback by displaying a sad face is clearly visible and a friendly way to blame the driver and asking him to reduce speed. In contrast, the smiley is a positive signal informing that the permitted speed is not exceeded by the driver.

The LED displays are suitable for traffic calming the routes to school, the close areas of the kindergarten and the safety of company premises.

Inside or at the entrance to the town, the speedometers equipped with an LED display ensure that drivers will comply with the permitted maximum speed of 50km/h or even 30km/h.

Benefits of the digital speed diplay

Technical data and mounting

  • Exact speed measurements
  • Quick and easy mounting (different types)
  • Compact design and lightweight aluminium housing
  • display function of speed limit
  • Powerful LED Showing – text, figures or graphics (Smiley)
  • LED color change, automatic control of brightness, LED flashing feature
  • Data collection, data storage, automatic data transmission via e-mail
  • Bluetooth and USB-interface to read data 
  • Languages available: German, English, French, Spanish (other languages possible)


Preventive road traffic safety

  • Reduces speed in town
  • Diminishes the risk of accidents between road users
  • helps to comply with the permitted speed in zones 30km/h and 50km/h
  • supports road safety education

Fields of application

Preventive road traffic safety near public institutions and much frequented areas:

  • Kindergarten, schools, sports facilities, hospitals, airports...

Commercial areas and buildings:

  • Company premises, customer parking areas, public parking, car park for employees, construction sites, ...

Development of innovative speed displays

via traffic controlling unites a comprehensive and functional equipment with modern design. The viasis spedd displays are developed by well-qualified engineers at the location in Leverkusen.

Our competency is based upon the long-term experience of producing informational speed systems. Developing display system requires high quality standards in order to comply with international standards and guidelines.

The display devices are visible at long distances at day and night. Further, they are weather resistent and work worldwide even under extreme climate conditions like in the North such as Finnland or in the desert climate around the arabic Peninsula.

Beside standardized products via traffic controlling developes also individual solutions for measuring and displaying speed of road traffic in areas with a potential of accidential risks.  


Advice and Callback Service

Do you have any questions about our speed display? The via traffic controlling team is happy to help you. Make use of our Callback Service.


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