Detecting and measuring speed of vehicle movements

viafalcon NET 2/3

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Network-enabled radar detector

Microprocessor based and network-enabled radar detector for the use in traffic control systems. Its multi-point communication via RS 485 enables the virtually real-time data exchange with a host computer. Each viafalcon NET can be configured with a network address. In addition, up to 15 detectors are used per bus. Through its round coverage of viafalcon NET 2 (11 ° x 11 ° antenna) is specially designed for the track selective use on multi-lane highways / roads. The viafalcon NET 3 (11 ° x 18 ° antenna) with an elliptical detection area can be used for overhead or side mounting. In a typical measurement angle of 45 ° overhead one value for the speed, the profile value for vehicle classification and net time gap is calculated at the previous vehicle when a single vehicle is driving through the radar beam . Detects vehicles approaching and / or leave (movement direction adjustable).

The detection sensitivity is adjustable in several steps. An optional RS 485 / RS 232 network adapter enables the connection to a PC.

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