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Traffic counters

Traffic data collection of traffic volume and speeds

via traffic controlling features compact traffic counters of the type viacount II, which allows you reliable traffic data such as the speed of the vehicles, vehicle type and number of vehicles to determine road traffic. The collected traffic data are the basis for future road planning or provide information about the development of transport in cities, towns or counties. Traffic counters are used in these areas to identify the emergence of cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles and as concrete figures for toll bypass or to deliver the effectiveness of transit restrictions. Automatically and accurately the traffic data determines the traffic load on the road traffic. Viacount is an ideal tool to perform such traffic surveys for urban and transport planners.

Valid traffic data by lateral radar devices

Traffic counter with long-life battery and solid mounting option

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • mounting on posts and bridges
  • Lockable housing
  • Different installation heights and measuring angles possible
  • Large data storage and modern interfaces for data transmission (Bluetooth / GSM)
  • Power supply through solar technology and 230V possible (optional) 

The following data is collected by viacount II:

  • Vehicle speed (velocity measurement)
  • Number of vehicles (in both directions)
  • Vehicle category
  • Number of coming or leaving vehicles
  • Direction
  • Distance in seconds
  • Date and Time

Fields of application 

  • Traffic data collection in urban centres, cities and communities
  • Automatic traffic data collection from the roadside or bridges on urban roads, highways and transport hubs
  • Areas with high traffic load
  • Noise Analysis - "What is the percentage of trucks?"

Development of radar systems and traffic data analysis

As an expert of lateral radar systems and the collection of traffic statistics via traffic controlling works on innovative radar systems that provide customers with sustainable and valid data on traffic volumes. The aim of the current and future development is to produce traffic detection systems, that determine, store and analyze the comprehensive information on road and car truck volume. The traffic data can be automatically transferred via email and stored by using the software viagraph as excel tables and charts formats.

Do you have any questions about the technology of our traffic counter devices, the installation or data analysis? Then get in touch with via traffic controlling. We will advise you regarding our products.


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