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viaspeedcam at Saint Gobain in Willich (Germany)

One of our first viaspeedcams in combination with a viasis COMPACT speed display has been used very successfully at Saint Gobain in Willich (Germany) since October 2016. 

To effectively counteract the large number of speeding violations on their factory premises, the occupational safety management of Saint Gobain decided to install a viaspeedcam. In addition to the visual speed impact provided by the speed display, the viaspeedcam allows the customer to capture speeding violations on photo and to sanction them immediately.

Successful speed surveillance on the factory premises

After half a year, those responsible for the project can draw an all-round positive conclusion from their experience with the viaspeedcam. Thanks to the viaspeedcam system, the speed limit of 10 km/h is observed by most internal road users. It was even possible to remove a speed bump, which was considered critical for the trucks and their cargo.

In addition, the remaining speeding drivers can be immediately alerted to their misconduct, as image evidence can be sent by e-mail to the smartphones of the occupational safety specialists.  The communication establishes understanding on the driver’s side and ensures a sustained reduction in vehicle speeds on the factory premises. The fast, simple, and reliable data transfer via e-mail is particularly appreciated by the responsible persons.


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