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via traffic controlling at ATSSA 2019

49th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo in Tampa, Florida

The American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) in Fredericksburg, Virginia, represents an international trade association of representatives of the transport industry.

American Traffic Safety Services Association

Every year, ATSSA members and other companies present their latest products in segments such as road traffic and traffic information systems. This year, 3,500 experts from all over the world will be presenting their products in the field of road safety to a specialist audience (see International Exhibitors).

Manufacturers and suppliers present traffic solutions on approx. 200,000 sqm, which primarily include preventive means and measures. These are to find potential customers from cities, municipalities or rural regions in order to make their contribution to road safety (see ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo).

Topics and technical innovations presented at the Expo:

  • Products for more safety in road traffic and construction site areas: Communication between vehicle and road user (including autonomous driving), road safety in the immediate vicinity of construction sites
  • Guard rails and preventive systems or solutions that keep the vehicle on track. Vehicles usually come off the road due to wet road surfaces or driver fatigue.
  • Innovative surface treatment with high resistance to friction of the road surface: Frequent accidents in urban and rural areas are caused by inadequate road surface structures.
  • Road markings: Maintain and improve road markings
  • Traffic signs: They regulate traffic with different colours and shapes. They are intended to inform and “educate” road users.Temporary use of traffic controls, i.e. the use of guidance systems, road markings and traffic signs to reduce the risk of accidents at construction sites or in the event of motorway congestion.

For more information, see Tech & Innovation of ATSSA.

via traffic controlling was also an exhibitor at the ATSSA fair and presented its radar-based traffic information system of the viasis series (LED speed indicator), the traffic counter of the viacount series as well as the viafalcon radar detector.

The viasis products are already being used in many countries, especially at schools, day-care centres and clinics, where pedestrian crossings are frequently used by children or pupils who do not always correctly assess the speed of the drivers.

However, the speed indicators are also used for internal purposes, for example to remind courier drivers of the permitted walking speed within the premises.

The team benefited from the latest insights in traffic technology and is already looking forward to next year’s Expo.


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