Detecting pedestrians at pedestrian crossings

viafalcon PCD-1

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The new radar detectors “viafalcon PCD-1” and “PCD-2” are designed for the use at pedestrian crossings for the detection of pedestrians passing across it. The detectors can be used to switch on warning signs or to modify the time duration of the red/green traffic light phase.

  • The “viafalcon PCD-1” has a single forward facing detection zone, e.g. for the observations of a crossing from the pavement.
  • The “viafalcon PCD-2” has two independent detection zones located on opposite sides, in a 180° angle, facing right (zone 1) and left (zone 2). This allows a cost effective, simultaneous observation of two crossings with one detector from a middle reservation e. g. a pedestrian island.

Advanced DSP signal processing algorithms in connection with a matched antenna configuration provides a high recognition accuracy and good suppression of interferences such as diagonal vehicle traffic or weather influence due to movements caused by rain, snow or hail.

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